For the love of the old, true, and good things

I began collecting long ago. I really like old things. Things that are unique, timeless, and made with heart. As a child I remember sitting on a very old ornately painted wooden chair in my Norwegian great grandfather‘s home. I loved it the instant I saw it and I think my grandfather could tell that I did. He wasn’t one to be naturally warm to kids but I remember he sat me down on his lap and asked if I’d like to have that chair. I nodded yes. Oh my, yes, I would love to have that chair! I never received that chair but it did begin a life-long love and search for old, true, and good things.

I am married to a Swede, and am lucky enough to travel to Scandinavia often. I’ve been bringing back my Scandinavian Vintage “finds” for years. And now I offer them up for sale to all of you. I hope you love them as much as I do!

My favorite finds are: Folk art, mid-century decor, bohemian, and modern Scandinavian designs, textile art, glass art, and ceramics.

Come back often as I only travel but once per year. Or better yet, follow me on Instagram or Facebook to come along on my travels and go treasure hunting with me.

Hi, I’m Courtnee Riise Averskog, and its so nice to meet you!