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Discover Vintage Scandinavian Design

Image by Sebastian Hans

Welcome to Fern and Fjord, your destination for all things Scandinavian and Nordic vintage home decor.


My curated collection offers an eclectic mix of eras, from mid-century, to folk, to modern. Selected pieces ranging from Nordic crystal glass, Nordic vintage textiles, kitchenware, studio ceramics, art and prints, collectibles, and books. Fern and Fjord is a place where you are guaranteed to find unique, one-of-a-kind treasures.

As the curator, I am passionate about sourcing timeless items that bring a bit of that classic Nordic design to your home no matter the era its from. As I travel to Scandinavia but once a year, I am dedicated to providing all of you with the best of what I find during my trips abroad, ensuring that each quality vintage item tells a story. There is certainly something for everyone's design taste. Explore my collection and let each vintage piece inspire you to collect, decorate, and transform your spaces with a Scandinavian touch.


Welcome to my little store and community of friends!

Courtnee Riise Averskog

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